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What are the common chiropractic Adjustment Techniques?

Apr 19


Chiropractic adjustments are also known as spinal manipulation. It is a form of manual therapy which relieves pressure on the joints and expands the range of motion. This therapy is used for treating back and neck as well as headaches. It is also used by chiropractors to treat minor injuries.

Chiropractors in Tacoma Wa are able to use more than 100 different types of techniques for manipulation. Certain techniques are gentle while others require the application of controlled, rapid force to a joint of the spinal.


Here's a list of the most well-known chiropractic adjustments.

1. Diversified Technique

This multi-purpose method is designed to achieve three primary goals: to restore spinal alignment, fix joint pain, and permit proper movement and mobility. Practitioners use precise hands-on thrusts that correct misaligned joints or bones and help restore mobility. About 70% of chiropractors employ the Diversified Technique on their patients. 96% employ it.


2. Spinal Manipulation (aka Spinal Mobilization)

Physical therapists and chiropractors use the technique of spinal manipulation (also called manual therapy or spinal mobilization) to alleviate pressure on the joints, reduce inflammation, and improve nerve function. The practice of spinal mobilization is a manual therapy technique that is similar to the different types of. It is a gentler way of executing thrusting motions, and requires more stretching.


3. Thompson Drop-Table Technique

Thompson Drop-Table is a method that uses a specially-designed table constructed of cushioned platforms equipped with drop mechanisms. The practitioner can lower or drop the patient by fractions of an inch, and the doctor makes a swift push to finish the adjustment. Patients are comfortable by the gentle motion of dropping like a gentle vibration.


4. The Gonstead Adjustment

To restore normal disc alignment and to maximize mobility The Gonstead Adjustment can be an option. For the adjustment, the patient can lie down or stand.

The distinctive contact point of the Gonstead adjustment is used when the patient lies down or sits up, while the chiropractor works on the pelvis and lower back.


5. The Method for Activators Method

An "Activator" A small hand-held device, used by chiropractors, gives gentle impulses to the extremities of the spine. This spring-loaded device regulates the the nerve system. This device can be used to treat a variety of conditions including lower back and headaches.

6. Flexion-Distraction

The table used for Flexion-Distraction is specially designed to stop the spine from moving and then flex it in a rhythmic, gentle movement. This method treats disc injuries that cause back and leg pain. This adjustment is painless and comfortable, which makes it an the ideal choice for those who recently have suffered injuries or are intolerant to other adjustments.


7. The Spine is decompressed

It is more of an adjustment in chiropractic rather than a technique used by chiropractors. It can effectively treat lower back pain caused by bulging, herniated, or degenerated discs. Spinal decompression uses a special table that gently stretches the spine, thereby promoting healthy fluid flow through the spinal.

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