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When would your pet need an energy healing

May 11

14 Situations to book a pet healing session


So you may have come across the concept of pet healing sessions or pet reiki. You may have heard about it from a friend who raves about it and says it’s been such a help for her animal family when they weren’t well.

You want to try it out but your pet family are doing great.

You want the sessions to be beneficial and are not sure which situations would be best to book a session and when it would be helpful. 

In this blog, we will explore 14 situations to book a pet healing session that can offer tremendous benefits. 


1. Chronic Illness

The first reason is often the one that most would seek animal healing for their family: for chronic and debilitating illnesses. 

It is heartbreaking to watch our animal family go through severe sickness. Whether it be cancer, diabetes, heart problems or related, these conditions are on the rise.

While animal energy healing is not a cure, it can be invaluable in easing the conditions, releasing stress and prolonging a comfortable and happy life.

2. Genetic Illness

Sometimes there are conditions that are passed down through pure-bred animals such as allergies, hip dysplasia and related. 

These healing sessions can help to balance energy, release pain and even work with ancestral pet energy healing to lessen the impact the genes have on our animal people.

3. Minor Illness

Often our animal companions are exuberant and playful. They may get so caught up in their games, that they don’t realize their boundaries.

They may knock themselves or pull a muscle.

Or they may just come down with a cold or eye infection.

Animal healing can help to ease their minor aches and pains that they get themselves into through their playfulness.

4. Surgery

Another beneficial application of healing can be after surgery or minor veterinary procedures.

Energy healing can help to envelop the surgery with positive and loving energy as well as promote a speedy recovery, easing pain and promoting quick healing.

5. Old Age

Old age is something that animal healing can help to ease. All the odd aches, pains, and fears that come associated with this stage of life.

The body needs lots of support and energy healing can be invaluable to support the precious animal people in this time of their lives.

6. Animal Trauma

Animals feel trauma just as humans do. 

There are many things that go on when they are little that affect their development and happiness that they may sit with. For example, we may see an adult dog with separation anxiety. It may seem like an irrational fear to us because we have never left our dog at home. But this may not be a current fear. It may stem from being separated from their pack before they are ready. This has turned into animal trauma. And now they are petrified that the same events will occur again and they may lose their current pack too.

 That being said: Not all reactions are trauma-based, it can be personality. If it is animal trauma, healing can be healed through some communication and healing. I offer inner kitten and puppy healing, as well as animal baby work for other species.

If it is personality, then the animal person can just be held in a healing or energy space where they are comfortable enough, for example, to learn to overcome the fear of separation and trust in their current pack.

 7. Stress

Our animals perceive stress in their own unique way. This becomes stored up in their bodies. Animal healing can do wonders in releasing this stress from their bodies.

Just like humans, stress is a trigger for many potential diseases. The more we can keep our animal companions stimulated but comfortable, the happier they will be

A short pet Reiki session would be enough to ease this burden off of them.

8. Animal Emotional Healing

Healing is, as we have seen, not only for physical imbalances. It is also holistic.

Animals feel a range of emotions, just like humans too.

They grieve, feel sadness, frustration, helplessness, depression, aggression and more.

Animal Emotional healing can help comfort them.

If they lose an animal pack member, a human pack member, if they move houses or if there is a new companion in the house.

Animal Emotional healing can help your animal companion find a deeper sense of peace and emotional balance.

9. Behavioural Healing

Animals have a way of acting out. 

They may jump over fences, become aggressive without other dogs, fight over food or just cause havoc for us.

This is them communicating with us. They tell us there is something bothering them.

A healing can help them feel understood and find their balance again. Animal Communication can also be used in the case.

10. Changes

Animals can find change very unsettling.

Especially as they can sense something huge is happening, but they don’t always comprehend what or how things will change.

It can be more deeply set stress such as plane rides, long-distance travelling or, for some, vet visits.

11. Animal Space Clearing

You know how you come home from a stressful day at work and the kids start crying, the spouse picks an argument and there is just chaos. 

It is not a nice environment to be in. 

So too for our animal companions. They are so much more sensitive to energies.

Maybe it was a strange person with a strange smell who entered the house or just a heavy vibe from one of their human pack members. They pick this all up.

Animal space clearing is so important to keep their energy space clean. This can be a huge way to improve their holistic health. 

An energy healing can clear their energy of this draining energy as well as their home environment.

12. Lost Pets

Energy healing can be done when your pets accidentally run out the gate or wander off from a new home and get lost.

Although energy healing won’t locate the animal (there are specific people to do this), as an energy healer, I can calm the animal, who is very stressed out and assure them they are being looked for.

I can also align the energy of the circumstances so that things start flowing and opening up to lead to their homecoming. A calm, cool head and balanced emotions can even help the animal find their way back.

13. General Healing

You know how most people love massages. That feeling of deep letting go, releasing tension from the body and just finding peace.  Most people would do this every day.

This is how energy healing is for animals. It provides a deep sense of relaxation, a space of unconditional love and peace where they feel supported on an energetic and soul level.

14. Helping Your Pets Pass On

Lastly, animals can use healing to help them pass on.

Death is often very difficult for animals mostly because they don’t want to leave their animal companions behind in pain. 

They often recognise when it is their time to go as a natural process, but leaving everyone behind is difficult.

Animal healing can help them find closure and hold them in a space of love, peace and comfort as they pass on their next journey.

It can also bring a tiny bit of comfort to their guardians too. 

In conclusion,

In conclusion, energy healing is about physical healing but has broader applications: emotional, physically, spiritually and throughout their life cycles and spaces.

Animal healing is a wonderful gift to help support your animal companion.