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What are the top wrist pain relief exercises?

Nov 1

Pain in the wrist can be crippling. Depending on how severe it is, it may keep you from doing the things you enjoy and significantly lower your quality of life according to a professional Chiropractor. However, many people are unaware of effective methods for reducing wrist discomfort or regaining wrist mobility. You'll find a few exercises in this blog post that can aid with wrist pain relief and wrist mobility.


One of a person's most frequently used and overworked bodily parts, the wrists, continually ache and hurt. Because of this, maintaining "correct" wrist flexibility and stability is necessary to stop wrist pain and injury from getting worse.

Exercise your wrists daily to prevent wrist pain quickly and easily. Your wrists will become less prone to injury and more flexible for essential activities due to these easy workouts that strengthen the muscles that support them.

Being overly dedicated to working or school has the drawback that it can prevent you from exercising. This results in harmful behaviors detrimental to leading a healthy lifestyle, such as eating improperly, not drinking enough water, and skipping sleep times. One thing you can do, which is excellent news, is to take care of yourself in the following ways.


Under the Wrist Stretches


It is a frequent issue, and wrist pain has numerous possible causes. The eight carpal bones in the wrist attach the forearm to the hand. Additionally, this region is traversed by tendons, muscles, arteries, and nerves. Therefore, when any of these structures become inflamed or irritated, you may experience discomfort in your hands or wrists or even numbness or tingling in other areas of your body, such as your arms or legs.


Here are some variants to try for these kinds of stretches that work underneath the wrist to increase the space between your hands, palms, and the backs of your forearms:


Talk to the Upside-Down Hand – This stretching exercise, which may be performed sitting or standing, will help you release tension from your wrists to your fingertips.


You may perform this stretch while sitting or standing, which will help release tension from your wrists to your fingertips. Sit with your palms facing each other and your fingers spread outward until they touch the edge of a desk or table. To properly distribute the weight of the arms and tabletop, gently lean your forearms on it. Lift one arm at a time as high as it will go without bending your wrist back towards you, and use moderate pressure from the opposite hand to guide it farther away from the body. Keep your fingers spread wide like claws. Hold for three to five seconds before changing sides. After just a few repetitions, you ought to feel alleviation.

This stretch can restore your wrists to full functionality while minimizing pain. How? Simply bend over at the waist and place your palms flat on the floor in front of you. Next, bring one arm forward until it is directly in front of your torso, then get the other arm back until it is twisted around the first, with each hand holding the wrist on the other side. Next, straighten your arms behind you as far as possible without feeling any pain, then slowly bring them back to their starting position. Repeat on the other side after six repetitions on each side.


Front of the Wrist Stretches

Many people experience wrist pain, which can be challenging to manage. You can take several actions to prevent wrist pain or lessen the agony if it does occur. By stretching the area around your wrist's front, you can improve blood flow, which promotes healing and reduces stiffness.



In addition to lowering wrist pain, exercise can increase mobility and reduce your risk of long-term injury.


The best thing is that wrist stretches and exercises are simple to perform and can be done at home or at work, which will help you maintain full hand and wrist health. But if you've tried the suggested exercises and are still in discomfort, it's time to make an appointment with a chiropractor.


Here at Collective Chiropractic, we focus on exercises and stretches that will help improve your quality of life. Our team is highly trained and experienced in assisting patients in finding pain relief. Contact us today to book an appointment.